Short Introduction Form

Please take the time to fill in the Short Introduction Form so that we can quickly determine if Mad Mex is the right business for you.

This form is not a formal application to be considered for a Mad Mex franchise. With the exceptions of confidentiality, this is not an agreement to proceed or purchase a Mad Mex franchise, but it is an indication that you are serious about learning more about our opportunities.

Please Introduce Yourself

Are you a citizen or permanent resident of Australia?
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Your Business Interest

Do you plan to run the business yourself:
Have you ever owned a business or been self-employed in the past?
Do you have any particular employment history or training qualifications that you believe may be useful in running a business?
When would you like to start your business? Please choose:
How much do you know about buying a franchise? Please choose:
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Your Funding Position

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Where would you like your franchise?

If you would like us to work with you to find an opportunity in a location of interest to you, then please complete the following: Required Field

Your Declaration

We want to be able to share as much information as possible with you to help you assess if Mad Mex is right for you, to enable us to do this we ask you complete the following declaration. You may choose not to at this point however it will restrict some of the information including sales data that we can provide at this initial stage of your enquiry. We will be contacting you shortly to discuss this introduction and discuss any opportunities with Mad Mex that interest you.
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