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1. Why Mad Mex?

The Mexican revolution has begun!

Australia’s two fastest growing retail categories are “Fast Casual” restaurants (Gourmet food served quickly) and “Mexican” food.

Mad Mex serves gourmet Baja style Mexican food that’s fresh and healthy and delicious and served in a casual dining and take away environment.

Our gourmet burritos and tacos are made to order using only the freshest produce flavorful salsas and authentic slow roasted and grilled meats.

Our stores are fun, hip and aesthetically stimulating environments what feature energetic Latino music and unique design elements that are pure Mexico.

Add to it a selection of imported Mexican beers, cocktails and soft drinks and its Mexican food with attitude!

By remaining true to our founding principles: Fresh and Healthy, Fast and Delicious, Authentic and Exciting, we are achieving our goal of creating Australia’s most loved and respected Mexican brand.
Mad Mex has strong operating and training systems and delivers strong financial returns. Our Directors and management team have a huge breadth of experience and are deeply committed to the success of our stores and franchisees.

If you’re looking for…

  • The fastest growing food category in Australia
  • An internationally proven business model
  • Robust systems and profits
  • A magnetic brand that customers love

Then we want to hear from you!

2. What are people saying about Mad Mex?

Since opening in November 2007, Mad Mex has built a loyal and supportive fan base. The awards speak for themselves…

Mad Mex Logos

But the most prized benefits are the invaluable repeat customers. Mad Mex has an extremely passionate and loyal customer base across Australia, which has ultimately proven to be a key ingredient of our success.

3. What are the ideal attributes of a Mad Mex franchisee?

Our Ideal Mad Mex Franchisees possess the following attributes:

  1. Passion – are you crazy for Mexican Food? Are you ambitious, self-motivated and challenge-driven?
  2. Commitment – are you committed to Outstanding Customer Service and Excellence
  3. Integrity – Do you believe in gourmet quality food fresh and fast? Treating your co-workers and customers with respect and honesty?
  4. Leadership – Are you ready to build a winning team and to create a great work environment?
  5. Experience – Do you have experience in hospitality or in team leadership?

4. Am I required to work in the store?


The atmosphere is fun, energetic and lively, and with the Mad Mex systems you will be free to spend your time building your business and creating the great Mad Mex experience for your customers.

You are a vital part of the business and the experience, so we want you to be involved at every level.

As a general rule, the most successful businesses are run by the owners of the business.

Our goal is to make your business and your Mad Mex as successful as possible, and the best thing you can do for your business is to roll up your sleeves and to learn all aspects of the operation.

Both for the protection of the Mad Mex brand and for our franchisee network we are not interested in those 
parties looking to purchase a franchise solely as an investment opportunity or to run the business as an absentee owner.

5. How much training is provided?

Our training and operations systems utilise best practices from around the world and integrate online videos with detailed in store systems and guides.

Once a Mad Mex Franchise Agreement has been finalised, you will begin six weeks of training in Sydney, both in our training store as well as offsite. You will receive a comprehensive Mad Mex Operations Manual together with online training tools, materials and support.

When you launch your store, our Operations team will roll up their sleeves and work side by side with you for the first two weeks to assist you & your team in your Mad Mex store opening.
Between the formal training, online training tools, operations manual, and the ongoing support and advice of our Operations team, you will have both the tools and support necessary to maximising the investment in your Mad Mex franchise.

6. What is the set up cost?

The average cost to establish a Mad Mex franchise is approximately $375,000 – $450,000. This includes our franchise fee ($45,000 +GST), training ($10,000+GST), shop fit-out, equipment, opening stock, etc.

The actual cost depends on a range of variables including, size and location of the store.

7. What are the on-going fees?

  • Franchise Royalties are 6% of Gross Monthly Sales
  • Marketing Levy is 3% of Gross Monthly Sales
    (Note that all stated figures are GST exclusive)

8. When would I be offered a store?

We believe strongly that each franchisee must have the best site for their business and we will make every effort to match Franchisee acceptance with a suitable site selection.

Potential sites will be discussed during the interview process. Generally speaking there are three options for 

  • You may be granted the opportunity to franchise an existing open and trading store
  • You may be granted the opportunity to franchise a site which we’ve secured but not yet opened
  • You may wish to nominate a particular area during the recruitment process. If Mad Mex accepts your application, you may lock in a right of first refusal for that site or area by paying a franchise fee security deposit.

9. Once a site is selected, how long before I can expect to be open?

The timing to open your Mad Mex store will depend on a variety of factors including the handover and lease commencement dates of the lease, council application and the existence of suitable locations.

Our leasing and real estate professionals will handle all of the lease negotiations, council approvals, and store fit out.

10. What are the steps to getting a Mad Mex Franchise?

1. Franchise Enquiry Form

  • Complete the Mad Mex short introduction form.
  • Tells us a bit about yourself. Where would you like to franchise? What is your experience? Why Mad Mex?

2. Telephone Interview

  • Telephone contact will be made within 2 – 3 business days of your enquiry.
  • The telephone interview provides an opportunity for you to ask some basic questions about Mad Mex and allows us learn more about you and what you hope to accomplish as a Mad Mex franchisee.

3. First Meeting

  • This is a “meet and greet – get to know you” session where we can provide an introduction to Mad Mex as well as chance for us to learn more about your background.
  • You’ll be required to bring a signed Confidentiality Agreement to this meeting and a Franchise Application Form may be provided if both parties are happy to proceed.

4. Franchise Application

  • Submit the completed application form to our head office together with a $2,200 cheque for the application fee.
  • You’ll be required to bring a signed Confidentiality Agreement to this meeting and a Franchise Application Form may be provided if both parties are happy to proceed.

5. Second Interview

  • To be attended by Mad Mex Senior Management. During this interview Mad Mex will provide a comprehensive overview of the Mad Mex store and business operations.
  • A number of legal documents are provided at this meeting.

6. Due Diligence

  • Subsequent to the interview should you then confirm the desire to proceed, the next step is to complete your due diligence – gather legal and financial advice, organise financing and decide if this is the business for you.
  • Subsequent to the second interview, Mad Mex will provide written notification regarding the success of your application.
  • Attend an In Store Trial

7. Site Offer Letter and Deposit
Once a suitable site is found an Offer Letter will be issued together with a complete summary of expected costs and all other relevant documentation. Upon signed acceptance of the Offer Letter, payment of the first deposit will be required. This will be applied towards the Franchise Fee and will trigger the preparation of the Franchise Agreement.

8. Training
The initial six week training program for you and your store management team will commence and you’re on your way to opening your first store!

9. Store Opening
During your store opening you’ll be supported by our highly experienced team for a further two weeks on-site to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

11. What kind of return can I expect from Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill franchise?

Each franchise performance will depend on a variety of factors and we cannot give you an accurate indication of what turnover to expect. After your initial phone interview you will be required to bring a signed confidentiality agreement to the first meeting. At that time, historical sales figures of existing Mad Mex company stores may be disclosed to you.

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