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Mad Mex Franchising Privacy Policy

Mad Mex Franchising understands that privacy is important to you and wants your experience online to be as enjoyable and safe as possible. This policy describes who Mad Mex Franchising is and how it handles your personal information generally and when you use the Mad Mex Franchising Site.

Who are we?

Mad Mex Franchising is owned and operated by Mad Mex Franchising Pty Ltd.

What Personal Information is collected by Mad Mex Franchising?

Visitors to the website provide various kinds of information in several different ways. Some visitors choose to submit personal information through subscription and entry forms, booking forms and requests for more information, either through e-mails, response devices or other methods. De- pending on the service you are accessing, you could be asked at various times to provide information including but not limited to, details such as your name, e-mail address, neighbourhood you live in or frequent, and additional personal information.

Mad Mex Franchising will not collect sensitive information about you such as details of your race, political beliefs, religion or health. However this may be required where we are providing you with specialised services (such as access requirements for a disability).

We need this personal information in order to provide you with our products or services, and so we can provide you with a broad range of information in relation to tourism, hospitality and services and to assist in delivering a better service to you.

This information will be recorded by the restaurant or business to which it is given and updated by the restaurant or business when additional information is supplied or upon request from you.

Use of Personal Information

The owner of Mad Mex Franchising use the personal information collected to provide you with our services and to improve the quality of the experience of our Mad Mex Franchising business.  Information is also collected to establish and maintain proper business records.

Your personal information may also be used by Mad Mex Franchising to notify you about new locations, products, services or promotions in the franchising, hospitality or services industries from time to time.

Use of Cookies

The Mad Mex website application uses cookies exclusively for session management. These temporary cookies serve to identify the user during each individual visit to the site (“session”). This is a built-in feature of Flash Macromedia Software. These cookies are temporarily stored in the user’s browser throughout the course of each individual session. No other use is or can be made of the information contained in these cookies, and there is no trace of individual sessions.

External links on our Site

Other companies, which place advertising or links on the site, may collect information about you when you view or click on their advertising or con- tent through the use of cookies. Due to the technical operation of the Internet, Mad Mex cannot control this collection of information and accepts no responsibility for this collection, use or disclosure. You should contact these advertisers or content providers if you have any questions about their use of the information they collect.

Similarly, there may be links that will let you leave the site. The use of information and/or privacy provided by the operator of a linked site as to any information you provide in accessing a linked site is in no way subject to this Privacy Policy.  Mad Mex Franchising takes no responsibility for any privacy policies or practices of any web sites accessible from the site, whether or not such practices conform to privacy policies of those sites.

Removal from our lists

If you do not want to receive e-mail or posted offers from Mad Mex Franchising generally please let us know by sending an e-mail message to or by contacting the Mad Mex management at the address detailed below. If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please provide the Mad Mex Franchising with your complete name and address.

If you follow the instructions for “unsubscribing” included as part of the Mad Mex regular e-mail offers, your name will be removed from the mailing list for that publication/e-mail offer only.

Is personal information stored safely?

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure the security of personal information from such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy or about how we have handled personal information about you, please contact Mad Mex Franchising direct:

by telephone (61 2) 8115 9550; or by facsimile (61 2) 9247-5577; or

by e-mail to

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy may change from time to time. The policy was last updated on 06 October 2010.

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