The Mad Mex Team

It takes an impressive team to conquer the booming Mexican food market… hola Mad Mex!

Born in California, raised in San Fransisco and San Diego; Clovis is passionate about Baja Mexican food and knows first hand that it’s the food sensation Aussies have been waiting for.
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He started out at 13 years old washing dishes and since then has worked in every part of the restaurant business. Business is definately in his blood….  In his 20s he worked in finance; for Fidelity Investments (the largest private asset management company in the US) and then with Barclay’s Capital and other Wall Street firms as an investment banker and equities trader.  Oh, and he also attended Carnegie Mellon University, graduating Beta Gamma Sigma; top 10% of the class.

But, in the end, he decided to get a real job…  entrar Mad Mex!

Another American who loves his Mexican food, Phillip has been a long time Aussie too.

Back in 1996 Phillip came to Australia with Gloria Jeans as GM of the Aussie operations and International Development Manager.  He oversaw the explosive growth of the Gloria Jean’s domestic and international expansion so he knows what it takes to be successful in fast growing markets and quick service restaurants.

A man with his finger in many pies, he’s also been part of the successful retail concept T2 (premium tea retailing in major shopping centres across Australia) and Firefly Wine Bars (three hot locations in Sydney, more to come).

Phillip is in charge of working with potential franchise partners to identify great locations and opportunities for Mad Mex.


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