Brown-Forman partner with Mad Mex

April 2010

Beginning 1 May, all licensed locations of Mad Mex will kick off the company’s largest promotion to date to celebrate the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo.  In partnership with Brown –Forman’s premium tequila brand Herradura, Mad Mex is offering $5 margaritas and $5 shots of el Jimador, Mexico’s most popular tequila, the entire month of May. 

Herradura is also sponsoring a gift-with-purchase offering, with collectible shot glasses available as part of the promotion.  Additionally, from 3-7 May every Mad Mex will offer $5 food specials including burritos, chips and Mexican desserts to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 

What is Cinco de Mayo?  It literally means “5th of May” and recognises a historic battle fought on 5 May 1862 where 4000 Mexican soldiers fought off twice that many French and traitor Mexican troops at Puebla, 100 miles east of Mexico City.  The Mexican victory kept Napoleon III from supplying confederate soldiers during the United States Civil War, and thus began an unprecedented cooperation between the Mexican and American armies.  Cinco de Mayo is now celebrated across North America and has evolved into a day of festivities to recognise freedom and liberty.

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