Mad Mex Launches Online Nutritional Calculator

December 2010

Leading the Fast Casual industry (Restaurant food served quickly) into the takeaway dining health revolution, Mad Mex will launch the first Australian interactive online nutritional calculator this week. The move allows customers total control over their diet, with the ability to customise meals to individual dietary requirements.

Available online ( and optimised for smart phones, the initiative comes months ahead of new regulations to be introduced in New South Wales from February 2011, making it compulsory for fast food outlets with more than twenty stores in NSW or 50 stores Nationwide to display the kilojoules contained in each menu item.

Known for their fresh and healthy Baja Mexican, the nutritional calculator will determine saturated fat, calories, kilojoules, sugar, protein and carbohydrates as customers build their meal. Starting with a burrito, tacos, Nachos or bowl customers then select their choice of slow-roasted grilled meat, fresh vegetable fillings and finish with a choice of delicious condiments with a new found knowledge that allows them to choose items to suit their exact nutritional needs.

Entrepreneur and founder of Mad Mex, Clovis Young, developed the concept to adapt to changing needs of customers and their increasing interest in meal selection. A range of nutritional indicators will give relevancy for high protein, low fat, low carb and a raft of diets.

We’re excited to be the first Fast Casual dining group to offer an online Nutritional Calculator for our customers. The application has been developed to service a growing desire for people to be able to adjust what they eat based on their priorities for that day and time.”

 The launch of the Nutritional Calculator will coincide with Mad Mex becoming trans-fat free, highlighting the company’s focus on refining their offering to be the freshest and healthiest fast food dining option.

Launching in 2007, Mad Mex has developed a loyal base of customers across their seven stores, with a Brisbane store to be unveiled before the end of the year. Lean meat, homemade salsa and mountains of market fresh produce is central to the Mad Mex experience for the lean mean Mexican in everybody.

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