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Fresh, healthy Mexican Food.
A growing global brand.
Fantastic support.

Fresh Fuel for Life

It’s our philosophy. It’s why we use real, authentic ingredients in all our meals. It’s why our food gives you the right kind of fuel to get the most out of life.

We believe you should never have to choose between a quick meal and quality healthy food. But don’t take our word for it, grab a Burrito, Naked Burrito or Nachos and see for yourself why our customers love Mad Mex.

We believe people are the secret ingredient

We’re looking for amigos who are the right fit to join the Mad Mex familia. Do you tick any of these boxes?

  • You’re passionate about food
  • You have experience in a franchise business
  • You have experience in the food industry
  • You’re health conscious in work and life

A fresh franchise experience

Training and assistance

We provide exceptional business training and ongoing assistance to all our franchisees

National Marketing

Constantly refreshed national marketing campaigns through to supportive local initiatives

Fresh menu items

From customer favourites to new limited time offers. Our menu is as fresh as our food


A loyalty app, online ordering & delivery platform integration. We’re a data driven business

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Before you join a franchise, it’s important you do your research and consider the opportunity from all angles. 

Are you joining a profitable business? Is the franchise popular and is it expanding? Does the franchise have systems in place to ensure your success?

Importantly, do you share the same values as the business?

Our values


You keep it real and consistently strive to be your best self.


You build strong relationships and create a sense of family with others.


Your personality brightens the day of those around you.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of opening a new Mad Mex restaurant will depend on a number of factors including location and restaurant size. 

Typically a new Mad Mex restaurant will require an investment of between $250,000 to $550,000. 

Our franchising team would be happy to talk through your specific circumstances including potential finance options which might be available to you.

Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of the page and submit your details. We’ll then be in touch with more info.

Ideally yes. We’re looking for amigos who are passionate about food and want to be involved in the day-to-day operation of their restaurant.

However, working in the restaurant yourself is not a requirement. For example some of our franchisees own and operate multiple Mad Mex restaurants, so they rely on their amazing restaurant managers to assist in running their restaurants.

Of course! Part of the application process includes a run through of specific financial information. 

However, as it relates to existing business, it’s confidential and so, we ask applicants to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we break out the spreadsheets.

Franchise Royalties are 6% of Gross Monthly Sales. The Marketing Levy is 3% of Gross Monthly Sales. (These figures are GST exclusive).

Si! Mad Mex are an inclusive business and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our franchisees, and the whole Mad Mex familia. 

Of course we are looking for amigos who are a good fit for the Mad Mex brand and vice versa.

We’re looking for amigos who are passionate about food and delivering exceptional customer experiences. They believe in the 100% wellbeing of their staff and customers in equal measure.

While serious about great food, they’re not short of a sense of humour.

They will thrive making sure everyone is having a great day.

That will depend on a number of factors including whether there is an available site within your preferred location, the size of the restaurant fit-out required and external conditions such as Council approvals.

Typically a brand-new restaurant can be operating within 3 months of making an initial application.

Occasionally we have existing, established Mad Mex restaurants for sale. In that case the timeline to ownership is often shorter.

We’ve got Mad Mex systems down to a fine art.

Your business will feel like a well-oiled machine (only the best oils of course). Our training and operations systems utilise world-best practices integrated with online videos and detailed in-restaurant systems and guides. The beauty of the Mad Mex system is in its simplicity, focus on quality ingredients – and flexibility that allows customers to “build their own” meal. You will begin six weeks of training based in Sydney, both in our training restaurant as well as off-site. You will also receive a comprehensive Mad Mex Operations Manual, together with online training tools, materials and support. When you launch a restaurant, our operations team will get their aprons on and work alongside you during the initial opening period, assisting both you and your team for opening. This formal training includes guidance with our online teaching tools and operations manual, with ongoing support from our operations team. You will feel fully prepared with the tools and support necessary to maximise the investment in your Mad Mex franchise.

It’s right up there on the list of reasons to join us, no question.

Firstly, our brand has always remained true to its roots: to bring 100% pure fresh Baja Mexican to the tables of the world.

Mexican food is the fasted growing segment in the fast-casual dining market.

If you have travelled to the US and Mexico you may be familiar with the big and bold flavours of this fresh, healthy style of food. But before we came along, you could not find it here in Australia.

Now it’s available all over the country in an energetic and authentic Mexican environment.

A pure Mexican dining experience, with many of our restaurants licensed to serve Mexican beers, tequilas, and our famous margaritas.

Our target market sit at the higher end of the fast food spectrum and we want every customer feeling good about eating at Mad Mex every day, both in terms of value and quality.

When we talk about transparency, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon. It’s how we have done things since we opened our doors in 2007. From calorie calculators to making recipes available online.

It’s no big deal to us, it’s just how we roll.

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Although it can vary due to a number of factors including specific location,

Typically, an investment of around $250,000 to $550,000 is required to launch a new Mad Mex restaurant.

Our franchise team would be happy to speak with you further about available sites as well as your financing and investment options.

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