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We’re now looking for franchisees for three available sites on the Central Coast

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The cost of opening a new Mad Mex restaurant will depend on a number of factors including location and restaurant size. 

Typically a new Mad Mex restaurant will require an investment of between $250,000 to $550,000

Our franchising team would be happy to talk through your specific circumstances including potential finance options which might be available to you.

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Ideally yes. We’re looking for amigos who are passionate about food and want to be involved in the day-to-day operation of their restaurant.

However, working in the restaurant yourself is not a requirement. For example some of our franchisees own and operate multiple Mad Mex restaurants, so they rely on their amazing restaurant managers to assist in running their restaurants.

Of course! One of the early ‘steps’ in the application process includes a run through of existing financial information. 

However that information is confidential as it relates to existing businesses. So we ask applicants to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we break out the spreadsheets.

Si! Mad Mex are an inclusive business and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our franchisees, and the whole Mad Mex familia. 

Of course we are looking for amigos who are a good fit for the Mad Mex brand and vice versa. If you’re passionate about food and delivering exceptional custom experiences, then you should definitely get in touch.

That will depend on a number of factors including whether there is an available site within your preferred location, the size of the restaurant fit-out required and external conditions such as Council approvals.

Typically a brand-new restaurant will be operating within XX months of making an initial application.

Occasionally we have existing, established Mad Mex restaurants for sale. In that case the timeline to ownership is much shorter.

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Although it can vary due to a number of factors including specific location,

Typically an investment of around $XXX,XXX to $XXX,XXX is required to launch a new Mad Mex restaurant.

Our development team would be happy to speak with you further about available sites as well as your financing and investment options.

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it's time to Grab life by the burrito!

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it's time to Grab life by the burrito!

enquire below and we'll send you a franchise info pack