Running a restaurant when you have a family


Running a successful business and keeping your family a top priority are not always viewed as compatible. But experience shows us that there are so many incredible benefits for you and your family to owning and operating a Mad Mex franchise – and we are not just talking about access to delicioso burritos!

We know how important family is when it comes to the pointy end of business decisions. To help make things simple and clear for you as you consider your future, we have put together some of our top reasons why running a Mad Mex restaurant can be an awesome opportunity for both you and your family.

Take charge of your schedule

Family life is rich with commitments and important duties and we know that the ‘juggle’ is real when it comes to managing both work and family expectations simultaneously. So why not be your own boss through this season? By owning a Mad Mex franchise, you can build your routine around what works best for you and your unique family situation. This gives you the flexibility to change your work schedule when needed and intentionally schedule time off so that you can be available to support and connect with your loved ones. Your autonomy as a franchise owner will enable you to move towards a greater work-life balance and focus on building all aspects of wellbeing into your week, so that you can get the most of out of life.

Build a ‘Family Friendly’ franchise business

So often there can be a very distinct separation between work and family life. While healthy boundaries serve a great purpose, imagine a workplace and business venture that is so fantastic, you actually want your family to be a part of it with you! Owning a Mad Mex franchise gives you the freedom to build and nurture a positive work culture where your employees feel welcome and, importantly, so do your family. If you are a parent, this is a wonderful way to show your children how work and business can be both fun and rewarding. Your example can cultivate a sense of healthy responsibility, an entrepreneurial mindset and sharpened business skills into your children as they observe your business grow. You could even choose to bring adult family members on board with you as employees and open up opportunities for their own career journeys to develop.

Benefit from established operational systems

Becoming a Mad Mex franchise owner gives you instant confidence in your business model through access to our tried and tested operational systems. Your restaurant rests on firm foundations, even during the times when you cannot be present at work (family holiday, anyone!?). Implementing a clear management structure within your staff will allow you to confidently delegate tasks and empower those around you, freeing you up to focus on what really matters to you. As the owner of a Mad Mex franchise, you can enjoy all the benefits of our existing positive franchise culture and strong brand recognition amongst our consumers. These well-established operational systems will give you immediate guidance and support in guaranteeing your success, minimising financial risk and future-proofing your business.

Pursue your passions and goals in a supported environment!

Having family around you as you step out and build your Mad Mex franchise means that you are not alone in this adventure. You can celebrate all the wins with those you love and be surrounded by a trusted support network who knows your dreams and will champion you in achieving your business goals. Your family standing with you in this journey can motivate you towards a greater level of excellence. Plus, the financial benefit and autonomy over your schedule as franchise owner will grant you leverage to help your loved ones pursue their passions, too.

Owning and operating a Mad Mex franchise can open up a new way of living for you and your family that better aligns with your values in life. Knowing that your business can continue to function and flourish in the times when you cannot be present gives you greater flexibility over your schedule. Our well-established operating systems and franchise model are designed not just to prosper your business but to propel you forward personally, as well. In this sense, having family around you through this business venture is mutually beneficial to all of you. Together, you can be empowered to chase your goals and support one another, all with the guidance of our trusted Mad Mex franchise network.


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